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My name is Les Wheeler and I live in, Worcestershire. I am a small hobby breeder, breeding from old Scandinavian lines, and have had Norwegian Forest Cats for 14 years. In the beginning, my wife Maggie and I started breeding with my daughter, Felicity, under her prefix, SNOKRYSTAL.
In 2003 we got our own prefix, FENRISULVEN, and started breeding in our own right, as Felicity’s education took a more important role and breeding had to take a back seat with her.
In 2007 Maggie became seriously ill, and our breeding programme was put on hold for a long while. Sadly she died in 2008, but now I try to carry on the work we started together, and hopefully I am managing to achieve what we set out to do for this wonderful, special breed.

It all started when we used to show household pets and I saw a NFC at a show for the first time, and fell in love with them. I had my first one in 1996, Macavity, a huge brown tabby & white boy, who I showed as a neuter. From then we were hooked, and Felicity had her first girl, Volsung Odette a year later. That was the start of our breeding programme.

PR. Volsung  Macavitys  Notthere  


Maggie Then had her beloved Romulus, a large black smoke & white boy, who became a very successful show cat. He went on to become our stud, fathering some very beautiful big cats, but sadly he died at the young age of five. By keeping the old lines we liked, and working with them, we have tried to improve the breed over the years, especially when we introduced Drakborgens Miss Quickfix (affectionately known as Missy) from Sweden.

  GR. CH. Volsung  Romulus


Our proudest achievement was when we exported Snokrystal Bathsheba to Sweden. She went on to reach the highest accolade and become a European Champion with a Distinguished Merit.
My aim now is to breed healthy NFC’s that are big and strong, with a wonderful temperament, and carry on the work which Maggie and I started together.

EU. CH. DM Snokrystal  Bathsheba  


For kitten enquiries or cat chat contact,

Les Wheeler

Telephone. 01562 631604
E-Mail, leswheeler38@yahoo.co.uk

I am a member of The Norwegian Forest Cat Society.

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